Since you cannot open an Oklahoma home bakery as of 2011, the only way to open a bakery is to follow the same guidelines as for a commercial kitchen. In today’s health-conscious world, almost any foodstuffs sold must meet health inspections and bakery regulations, whether the food comes from a commercial or home kitchen.


While you cannot bake the baked goods in your own kitchen, you can still operate a small bakery from a commercial kitchen. If you don’t want the expense of buying and equipping a separate kitchen, many restaurants rent space in their facilities for bakers to use. For example, if a restaurant is only open for lunch and dinner, it might allow you to lease their facilities during the early morning hours. Once you bake the goods, you may sell them in any venue you choose.


Oklahoma bakery regulations are similar to those of any establishment that serves food. The owner should be familiar with protocols for the safe handling of foods. The bakery owner must insist that all employees follow safe food-handling protocols as well. In addition to knowing how to prepare baked goods in a safe manner, the bakery owner must pass oral and/or written tests demonstrating that knowledge. Her bake kitchen is also subject to inspection by the county health department. The owner must demonstrate that safe food handling processes are in place during the inspection by answering a number of questions from the health inspector.

Tax Identification Numbers

Before opening a home-based bakery in Oklahoma, it’s necessary to apply for state tax numbers. Business owners use these numbers to identify their business as they report the amount of sales tax they collect from the sale of their baked goods. If you have employees, you should also apply for a federal tax identification number for your bakery business.

Business Permits

Any business that operates in Oklahoma should have the necessary business permit issued by the county or city where the business is. In order to complete the permit, the bakery may need to provide proof of health and safety inspections. Application forms for business permits are available at city and county clerk’s offices. You must pay any permit fees before you receive the permit for your business.