There are many federal grants that support daycare centers. However, funding is not usually exclusive to women. The federal government awards funding to local educational agencies, states and individuals. In many cases a state may obtain a grant and then issue its own grants to individuals and organizations.

Child and Adult Care Food Program

The aim of the child and adult care food program is to maintain food service programs for children and the elderly. Adult daycare facilities, after school children's programs, and shelters, are also welcome to apply. Eligible institutions must provide non-residential daycare services. Non-federal entities that expend more than $500,000 are subject to a program specific audit.

Child Care and Development Fund

This program provides grants to states, tribes and tribal organizations to assist low-income families. Other purposes for this fund are to allow states flexibility in childcare development, encourage consumer education by states and promote parental independence. Eligible applicants are all 50 states along other governmental bodies. Beneficiaries must be under the age of 13. The average grant award is $2,658,851.

The Child Care and Development Block Grant

Backed by the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF), the Child Care and Development Block Grant operates in conjunction with the Child Care Mandatory and Matching Funds. The purpose is to provide grants to states, territories and tribal organizations that currently serve federally recognized tribes. The aim is to provide childcare assistance to low-income families. Eligible applicants include all 50 states along with U.S. territories. Tribal governments and Alaska native corporations are also welcome to apply. Funding amounts vary according to the type of governmental body being represented. The average grant award is $391,014.

Charter Schools

The Charter Schools program supports the planning, development and implementation of charter schools. The program also acts a conduit of information on charter schools. Eligible applicants are state educational agencies with express authorization of eligibility. Each grant-receiving agency must award sub-grants to one or more applicants in the state. The sub-grant should be for the purpose of planning and implementing a charter school. Typical funding amounts range between $500,000 and $10 million.