Business Ideas for Warehouses

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Due to their space, warehouses can hold an interesting single business or multiple small businesses that share a collective vision. Large or medium-sized warehouses can hold a few businesses at a time by building walls or dividers within the space. Depending on the type of business that inhabits the warehouse space, it may only need a small office built in the back and the rest of the space can showcase wares.

Artistic Businesses

Small businesses with a creative vision behind them, such as graphic design studios or an up-and-coming magazine that needs office space, would be appropriate for warehouse space. The high ceilings and exposed brick will give these businesses an artistic, urban vibe. Artists that need workspace, such as painters, architects, fashion designers and writers, could also rent space from a warehouse, if a larger business was in the front of the warehouse space.

Physical Space Businesses

Businesses such as dance studios, yoga studios and gyms would do well in a warehouse space. A warehouse's large space gives studio and gym owners the ability to put up mirrors and install exercise machines and appropriate flooring. The physical cleaning upfront can be a big undertaking, but the space may be worth it in the long run.

Cafes and Restaurants

Coffeehouses, diners, sandwich shops and sushi spots are all restaurant possibilities for a warehouse space. The amount of work upfront is very involved, including installing kitchen facilities, but the payoff can be worth it. Warehouse spaces can hold large numbers of customers. Depending on the physical division of the space, two cafes can exist in one warehouse space.

Real Estate Office

Real estate offices can be a low-cost choice for a warehouse business. Once the warehouse space is cleaned and painted, owners can set up the office with chairs, desks and computers, as needed.


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