Safety Inspired Employee Game Ideas

by Stacy Zeiger ; Updated September 26, 2017
Safety is an important component of a healthy workplace.

Safety is a key component to consider when creating a positive workplace. However, for employees safety often means following extra procedures in order to get a job done and, therefore, more work. In order to help employees understand the importance of safety in the workplace and encourage them to do the extra work to ensure safety, employers should bring games and incentive programs into the workplace.


Safety Bingo ( is a safety game for companies where employees can earn prizes for demonstrating safe behaviors. Each day, Bingo numbers are drawn at random and employees track them on their cards. The first one to get a Bingo that day wins a cash prize. The amount of the cash prize increases daily for a set period of time as long as employees are following the safety procedures outlined by the company. If anyone has an accident or is caught not following the procedures, the game ends for the day without a winner and goes back to the lowest cash prize the next day. Instead of purchasing a commercial safety bingo, employers can purchase an inexpensive set and design a similar game themselves.


Safe-T-Word ( is a program similar to Safety Bingo, but instead of traditional bingo cards, employees are given cards that contain safety slogans instead of numbers. As employees mark their cards, the company's safety policies are reinforced. Each day a different safety slogan is posted and employees mark off their cards. Just like with Bingo, the first employee to receive five in a row wins a prize chosen by the employer.

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Safety Jackpot

Safety Jackpot ( is an employee incentive program that rewards safety behaviors and makes employees more aware of being safe in the workplace. Employers purchase scratch-and-win gamecards from the Safety Jackpot company and hand them out as they see employees engaged in safe behaviors. Employees scratch the cards to reveal letters of the word "jackpot" and work to collect all seven letters for a large prize. Each card also contains points that are collected to purchase merchandise from the Safety Jackpot catalog. Anyone who has an accident or is caught not following safety procedures loses all letters and points.

Other Games

Employers can develop their own safety games to enhance workplace safety. A Jeopardy-style quiz game with questions about the company's safety procedures can be used to refresh employees' memories and reward those who know company policy. Employees caught demonstrating safe behaviors can receive a raffle ticket and enter into a weekly raffle for a cash prize or free lunch. Employers can randomly ask employees safety-related questions and give them small prizes for correct answers.

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