List of United Parcel Service Hubs

United Parcel Service, UPS, delivers packages all over the world. With more than 400,000 employees, the UPS team works hard at delivering packages in a timely manner. United Parcel Service carries more than 3.9 billion packages a year. The packages travel by land, sea, air and rail. To process all of the parcels, UPS routes them through international and domestic hubs. These hubs route, track and distribute the packages to keep things moving.

North American Hubs

These hubs are strategically positioned to regionally route all United Parcel Service packages through North America. The United States locations are: Columbia, South Carolina; Dallas, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky -- main Global Air Hub --; Ontario, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Rockford, Illinois. The Canadian hub is located in Hamilton, Ontario. There is also a hub in Miami, Florida, that services the Latin America and Caribbean regions.

International Hubs

About half of the daily packages handled by United Parcel Service are being sent to international addresses. UPS services 220 countries including every address in Europe. The hub handling the packages for Europe is located in Cologne and Bonn, Germany. The Asian Pacific region has hubs in the cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China.

Delivery Volume

In 2010, United Parcel Service reported a daily volume of 15.6 million packages and documents. UPS's delivery schedule includes normal delivery service on Christmas Day, when on a weekday or Saturday, and the Friday after Thanksgiving. The United Parcel Service's delivery volume is heavy in the month of December because of Internet holiday shopping, corporate gifts and families sending presents to out-of-town friends and family.

Delivery Fleet

Moving billions of packages a year takes a large fleet of delivery vehicles. The United Parcel Service fleet, as of 2011, includes 92,734 package cars, tractor trailers, vans and motorcycles. There are 1,928 units of the fleet that are alternative-fuel vehicles. UPS has 218 airplanes in service and along with some chartered planes, more than 1,700 flight segments are flown daily.


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