First-Time Business Owner Grants for Women

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There are many grants to support the entrepreneurial efforts of women. Grants are funds that do not have to be repaid by the business owners. Most grants are set up to forward the specific aims that the grantor has outlined. If your business has developed a program that is in line with the funder’s purpose, there is the chance that you may qualify for its grant. Award amounts vary according to each grant.

Avon Foundation for Women

The Avon Foundation for Women states that it has been committed to improving the lives of women and their families since 1955. The foundation's key areas of interest are breast cancer and domestic violence. In 2010 Avon raised and donated over $800 million dollars to small business owners globally. The Avon Foundation for women is the largest corporate-affiliated foundation focused on issues that impact women.

Chicago Foundation for Women

The Chicago Foundation for Women provides grant awards to organizations that support women in the areas of education, leadership and advocacy. The foundation has distributed more than $18 million in grant funds since 1985. In order to qualify for funds, your business must have attained a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status prior to applying.

Girls Going Places

Girls Going Places is an award program that grants prizes to girls who show early signs of entrepreneurial savvy. The program aims to promote success among women in the future by funding the efforts of girls today. There will be 15 girls awarded prizes totaling $30,000 in 2011. In order to qualify for an award, applicants must be between the ages of 12 and 18. Moreover, the adult nominator must be a legal U.S. citizen.

The Chrysalis Foundation

The Chrysalis Foundation is an organization based in Des Moines, Iowa, dedicated to improving social-justice issues for women and girls. It funds the efforts of organizations that are working to improve the position of women in all sectors of society. Nonetheless, supporting women in education is of particular importance to the Chrysalis Foundation.



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