The Best Places to Put Flyers for a New Business

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Marketing a business takes time and money. With flyers and computer programs, it does not have to cost much. By targeting the right customers for the flyers, it could increase buyers, according to Jay Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing. He even lists door hangers and flyers as part of 200 weapons people can use to market their business.


Consumer services and products that appeal to this group make this a prime spot for distributing business flyers. Using a service like the U.S. Census QuickFacts site lets you know the demographics down to the county level by just selecting the city where you are interested in distributing your flyers.

Coffee Shops and Bookstores

Many of these types of establishments have bulletin boards where you can post your flyer. The good part is that these types of establishments have demographics with higher incomes. The best kind of flyers to use would have a phone number or a web address or both, which can be torn off the page while leaving more for others.


This is one of the riskier uses since it might cause you to receive complaints or be found in violation of a law; however, when it is done legally, it can be a cost-effective method of advertising according to Roy Williams of Entrepreneur. Putting flyers on cars works best with businesses focused on automobile services such as detailing or washing. Another alternative might be restaurants distributing flyers on cars parked within close proximity to them. You can test this method by using coupon codes or different phone numbers.


Those offering landscaping and other home services would find homes to be a great place to hand out their flyers. You can target your potential buyers by demographics and types of neighborhood (high income). One warning: do not put flyers in mailboxes -- it is illegal to do so.