Being a charismatic leader has many advantages. Employees enjoy working for someone with the verbal and listening skills who make them feel important and necessary to an organization's success. Such a leader will encourage and applaud his employees even when times are tough and provide incentives for them to excel.

Employee Support

A charismatic manager tends to inspire, motivate and stretch the average employee. Their magnetic personalities light a fire under normally complacent and plodding workers and can produce results that other, sometimes more experienced managers, are able to. Employees will feel their opinions and concerns matter with a charismatic leader; therefore, they will be happier in their position and strive to excel.

Fun and Improved Work Environment


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Charismatic leaders make the workplace more challenging and interesting by their personalities, enthusiasm, drive and expectations. Coming to work will be much more enticing than working for a dull, pencil-pushing, results-driven supervisor. Charismatic managers are often the cheerleaders of an organization, pushing employees to score the most wins within the company structure. The environment that a charismatic leader is in is usually less stressful and more conducive to productivity.

Leadership Example for Employees

A trickle-down effect will take place with a charismatic manager. Employees will take on much of management's work attitude, confidence, optimism and higher personal expectations. Many employees may go on to become great leaders themselves if someone in charge takes a special interest in their potential for growth and promotion.

Higher Production

Being a charismatic manager will make employees want to do their best. Absenteeism, tardiness, poor attitudes and below par work quality will decrease or even disappear when employees have a leader they can look up to and trust. Turnover will slow down, resulting in less training needed and more production. Employees will do their best to show company support and loyalty even during difficult times and will stay with the company longer if they work well with their manager.

Opportunities for Growth

The charismatic manager will call positive attention to himself to upper management or company owners. Opportunities for growth and promotion will improve especially if this manager has employee support and has shown exceptional and quality leadership skills. Charismatic leadership is greatly valued by many companies, and promotional opportunities are increased in careers with high customer contact such as sales and the hospitality industry where these people skills can be greatly utilized for the benefit of the organization.