Leadership is the process of leading individuals as a group to achieve a common objective. The objectives of leadership are geared toward bringing out out the best in employees by communicating effectively about what needs to be done and why it matters. In addition, effective leaders strive to bring out the best in employees through careful instruction as well as management practices aimed at motivating workers to do their best. Successful leaders achieve these objectives through a mixture of natural ability and commitment to improving their leadership skills.

Organizing Employees

Employees tend to be diverse groups of individuals with differing agendas. Some might simply be interested in earning a paycheck, while others strive for promotions are expanded responsibilities. Although individuals are, by nature, unique, an effective leader will pursue the objective of bringing them together for the sake of a common goal, at least during the time they spend at work. This organizing will depend on fostering cooperation instead of competition and communicating that the larger agenda is more important than the goals of any individual group member.

Pursuing a Common Goal

Organizing employees depends on clearly communicating both the big picture objective, such as growing a business, as well as the concrete, immediate goal such as meeting a sales goal for a particular item or service. An effective leader will help team leaders understand how each part of the picture fits into a larger whole. In addition, it is the objective of a leader to present goals in ways that are actionable and achievable. Realistic, quantifiable goals are most effective because they facilitate the process of measuring results and the also offer a sense of accomplishment.

Organizational Cohesiveness

Effective leaders pursue the objective of making an organization into a cohesive whole aimed at achieving its short and long-term objectives. In addition to presenting these objectives clearly to employees, effective leaders also evaluate their organizations' policies and image to ensure that they effectively embody its mission and its message. Everything from the physical signs communicating company identity to the speed at which the business pays its bills should be consistent with the overall mission.

Motivating Employees

Motivating employees is a key leadership objective. A successful leader will get to know his workers and learn what it takes to bring out the best in each individual. This involves the interpersonal process of making employees want to apply themselves completely, and also understanding individual learning styles and giving individuals the tools and the guidance they need to acquire necessary skills.