What Are Good Skills to Put on a Resume As a Customer Service Representative?

by Jared Lewis ; Updated September 26, 2017

Customer service representatives are integral to the success of a business. They serve as the face or voice of the organization to people who may be having issues with the company or its products. Customer service representatives put people in contact with those who can help the customer resolve an issue when the representative is unable to do it himself. Knowing which skills to list on a resume is integral to gaining a customer service job.

Communication Skills

One of the most important skills to list on any customer service resume is communications skills. Communication is essential for any customer service representative. Communications skills can be both oral and written. Highlight any customer service experience such as answering phones or any face-to-face experience such as working as a receptionist. Education in speech and communication through college courses should also be listed on any resume as these will often teach you formal communications skills.

Clerical Skills

Customer service representatives also need excellent clerical skills. Many times, customer service representatives are required to catalog their interactions with clients. Those who work as phone service representatives typically record or retrieve information on computers as they are on the phone with customers. They need to be able to talk and type at the same time. Having knowledge of various office software programs can be a plus when applying for a job. Your knowledge or skills in these areas should be listed on your resume.

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Negotiation Skills

Some customer service representatives are required to offer concessions to irritated or complaining customers as part of their ongoing job duties. Customers who are irate or irritated may be appeased by customer service representatives with excellent negotiation skills. This also requires superior listening and reasoning skills and the ability to be empathetic to customer concerns.

Money Skills

Many customer service representatives also serve as cashiers or in some other type of sales capacity. The ability to run a cash register and take types of financial transactions from customers is necessary in many industries. Tellers in banks, retail cashiers and salespeople are all customer service representatives who help customers find what what they need and complete the necessary transactions. Having the ability to count change back to a customer and take other forms of payment such as electronic payments are valuable skills that should be included on a resume. Employers are likely to favor applicants who do not need extensive cash-handling experience.

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