Types of Bills of Lading

In the process of shipping products, goods or some other type of item, a shipper generates a bill of lading, whether arriving via ship, train or truck. A bill of lading is documentation stating the terms of the agreement between the shipper and delivery company. It specifies the terms, agreements and condition of the carriage. Additionally, it indicates the quantity, weight and nature of the content or cargo. It even serves has a document of title of the specified goods.

Amended Bill of Lading

An amended bill of lading is a bill of lading with updates or revisions. The updated document does not alter the amount of money for the content or financial status. Some items that could change on an amended bill of lading may include dates of delivery and quantity of products. This is not the same as a corrected bill of lading.

Canceled Bill of Lading

A canceled bill of lading is documentation that cancels a bill of lading in process. A canceled bill of lading is not the same as a voided bill of lading, which usually consists of combining at least two more bill of lading to an existing order in process.

Corrected Bill of Lading

A corrected bill of lading provides updates in regards to financial or money issues. It is not an amended bill of lading that only deals with corrections.

Straight Bill of Lading

Shippers usually use a straight bill of lading when the delivery is prepaid before the actual delivery date. This documentation specifies that the shipper delivers the product or items to the organization, business or person.

Received for Shipment Bill of Lading

A received for shipment bill of lading is paperwork that shows when an ocean carrier confirms the time of receiving the contents or cargo to initiate the transport of the contents. This occurs before the content or cargo is gets on the transports such as airplane, vessel, train or truck.

Onboard Bill of Lading

An onboard bill of lading confirms the actual time the shipper places the cargo on the ship, train, airplane or truck to transport to its destination. Types of onboard bills of lading include:

  • rail
  • truck
  • container
  • air
  • box car
  • vessel