Making the leap from a traditional business operating out of an office or building to the virtual space of the Internet can seem confusing. This can leave business owners wondering exactly what it is that the Internet can bring to their business. However, there are a number of capabilities provided by the Internet that businesses may find too good to pass up.

Consumer Base

Perhaps the most bottom line capability that the Internet provides to business is its consumer base. Where a business might normally serve customers or clients in its immediate geographic area, a business using the Internet has access to the entire world. The Internet provides a business with the capability to project its products or services to every location that has Internet access. The only barriers that exist are language and trade policy.

Advanced Advertising

The Internet provides an audience for advertisements on a global scale. Advertising on the Internet is also often considerably cheaper than placing individual ads in papers, magazines and television. Moreover, the ads listed can be far more in-depth. Possible customers can read or see the ad, and go find a wealth of information about your product or service by looking at things like specification sheets.

Immediacy and Availability

The Internet gives businesses the capability to spread information about their products or services immediately in front of their customers. Where print and television ads are released or shown at scheduled times, information put on the Internet is available from the moment it is published. In addition, the information put onto the Internet is available without interruption. The same might be true for print media, but print is easily discarded. Television ads are not available constantly, but on a rigid schedule. Businesses using the Internet have their information available year-round.


Choosing to expand or start a business on the Internet places all of the technology of the Internet at the fingertips of those running the business. Businesses operating on the Internet have all the advantages that communicating over media like email and instant messaging provide, such as reducing or eliminating the overhead of using traditional methods like telephones and fax machines. Many other costs often associated with business are also lowered or eliminated through the Internet. Customers no longer need to speak with an actual person, and can find the information they need online, reducing the need for personnel.