What Are Project Deliverables?

by Dani Arbuckle - Updated September 26, 2017
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In project management, deliverables are the outputs you're trying to achieve. Put simply, they are the results you are expected to deliver by the end of a project. Having clear deliverables allows you to assess your progress on a project and gives you clear goals to work toward.

Using Deliverables

A deliverable should have a brief title that describes it, such as "implementing new website." You must be able to measure the quality of your deliverables using relevant industry standards such as ISO 9000, Six Sigma or continuous improvement. You should also have criteria for completeness and success, such as being bug-free or meeting all legal requirements. Each deliverable must have criteria to assess its quality, such as a testing process, checklist or review. Finally, you should have a timeline for checking and rechecking the quality of your deliverables.

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