Information Technology Marketing Strategy

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Information technology professionals with products and services to offer potential customers benefit from using strategic marketing to reach their target market. A variety of resources are available to these professionals to achieve their sales objectives. Trade shows, strategic advertising, informative white papers and free product trials are all components of an effective marketing strategy.

Trade Publications

Advertising in trade publications is one marketing strategy to ensure that your target market actually sees your ads. When you place in ad in a publication that is not specific to an industry in which you wish to market, your advertisements might not be seen by the right people. Placing an ad in a trade magazine, though, is a focused marketing strategy for your information technology company. To prepare the ad itself, consider your target market and decide how your product can best serve them.

White Papers

Using a white paper as a marketing tool is one way to promote your information technology products as solutions to potential customers’ problems. A white paper once referred to an official government report, but now is used by marketing firms and departments to show the value of products. These marketing tools are often used on websites to influence those who are looking for information relevant to a particular issue. Information technology firms can benefit from this when potential customers search the Internet for advice or information on the service your technology provides.

Trade Shows

Having a booth at an industry trade show is a valuable way to introduce yourself and your products to potential customers. Before booking a spot at a trade show, spend time developing the promotional material you will distribute to interested individuals. Brochures are a useful tool to disseminate information and build interest in your services. In addition to the material you will be distributing, carefully plan the actual layout of your booth. You want to look professional, and this will likely require spending money, but it will be worth it when you land clients from the experience.

Free Trials

Offering free trials enables your potential customer base to become familiar with your product and have a firsthand understanding of its usefulness. This marketing technique is particularly useful in the information technology field, where software updates can improve processes and increase productivity. By demonstrating product value in this manner, an information technology firm benefits from giving a company time to develop reliance upon its products. This also is useful marketing strategy, as it enables a technology firm to get valuable feedback from its target market.