Ways to Say Thank You for a Job Well Done

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Part of being a good business manager is not just giving direction to employees, but expressing appreciation when an employee has done the job required of him and done it well. Not only does this make the employee feel good, but it often makes him more productive, as the praise causes him to receive some satisfaction from his work, which may encourage him to repeat his performance. This gratitude can be expressed in a number of ways.

Personal Thanks

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Perhaps the most direct way for an employer to thank his employee is to go up to him and thank him. The communication of a boss's appreciation does not have to be complicated -- a simple "Thanks for doing such a great job on that" will usually suffice. However, the employer may instead wish to express this thanks in writing, such as in an email or even a written letter, both of which are acceptable.

Public Recognition

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An employer may also be appreciated not just privately, but in a public kind of way. Many companies have systems by which outstanding contributions from employees are recognized within the workplace. This may be as simple as having an Employee of the Month or, during a staff meeting, singling out employees for particular recognition. Or, a boss may simply mention this achievement to his superiors.

Notice In Employee's File

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Some companies keep files on an employee's performance. This file may include evaluations and peer reviews. However, many files allow room for notes from managers stating that an employee performed a job exceptionally well. If an employer wishes to recognize an employee in this way, he should add the note, but also tell the employee he is doing so, so the employee knows he is appreciated.


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Nothing says "thanks" like an envelope full of 20s. While an employer may not be quite this grateful of his employee's contribution, it may be wise for the employer to provide his worker with some extra compensation. This extra compensation can take many forms, ranging from informal to scientific. Some employees are granted bonuses based on their performances, while other bosses may choose to reward select employees by handing out extra vacation days.