Without a question, people are always the most valuable assets of any organization. It takes a person to create the vision for any business or non-profit enterprise and people to execute on that vision and make it a reality. All other assets have to be allocated to or managed by people.


All organizations begin as a thought in the mind of one or more individuals. That vision is shared with others who may become employees. An employee will perform better or at his peak when he has a positive perception of the work he is doing and his organization. When an organization believes in its people, it does everything in its power to keep them happy and motivated. Believers are more creative, committed, collegial and productive than unmotivated employees. A believer's passion for the organization and its mission may inspire others who lack the same enthusiasm and drive. Believers propel themselves and others to achievement.


Creators are the visionaries who help your organization stand apart from the competition. A creator can be anyone from an innovative salesperson to a head of marketing. Creators think of unique ways to brand and promote your organization, products and services, culture and people. Organizations that recognize the value of creators always promote free and radical thought. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, says that his organization does not view creativity as a process, but as people who keep thinking about an idea until they find the simplest and best way to execute it.


Achievers are the people within your organization that meet or exceed your expectations. Whether it's a VP of Marketing delivering on a projection or a salesperson delivering on a sales target, achievers get the job done right. These individuals take responsibility for their actions, focus on what works, are strategic in outlook, committed and determined. Achievers tend to be both believers and creators. Coming up with new ideas is commonplace for these employees, as is believing in the mission, products or services of the organization.


If your organization is not recruiting and keeping quality employees, it's time to look at whether a change in culture or management is necessary. Believers, creators and achievers flock to companies that reward and recognize employees and value innovation. The more an employee sees that her contribution is valued, the more she will want to do to exceed expectations. Pay your employees a fair or above average wage and qualified candidates will come knocking at your door.