In an organization, people with diverse attitudes and values about work are brought together to achieve the organization’s mission. Work Attitude and Value Enhancement (WAVE) Workshops are designed to bring together individual and organizational work values. The workshop help to define the core values of service, timeliness, team effort, hard work, and quality and then to clarify how these core values influence productivity.

Work Attitude and Value Enhancement

Attitude is defined as a mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Often, when shown the personal benefits of a positive attitude adjustment, people are willing to change their attitudes to achieve an organization’s mission.

Values are defined as the ethics of an individual. Enhancement is defined as something that raises the value of a thing. An increased work ethic can lead to more productive employees and a better organization overall.

What Employees Will Learn in a WAVE Workshop

After participating in a WAVE workshop, an employee should learn how their individual roles in the organization contribute to the overall transformation of the organization. Individuals should learn to identify and clarify their personal values and goals as they relate to the organization’s values and goals. They can then make a commitment to modify their work attitude and behavior to be in alignment with both their personal goals and values and the goals and values of the organization.

Disadvantages of WAVE Workshops

The positive results gained from WAVE workshops can be temporary. Work attitude is primarily influenced by work environment. Many people find it hard to maintain a positive work attitude if they don’t like their work environment. Some factors that are included in the work environment are the people they work with, the people they work for, salary, the physical location, training, and adequate supplies. Any of these environmental factors could lead to a disgruntled employee who isn’t likely to change their attitude because of a WAVE workshop.

Benefits of a WAVE Workshop for Employees

Employees can benefit from participating in WAVE workshops by learning to be more productive at work and have better attitudes about their jobs. Internalizing the work attitude and value enhancement principles (WAVE) can be a step toward career success for an employee. When employees have better attitudes about their jobs, they have more interest in doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and are more willing to go beyond the call of duty to make sure that the organization’s mission is fulfilled.

Benefits of a WAVE Workshop for Employers

Work Attitude and Value Enhancements (WAVE) workshops can be beneficial to companies looking to increase the morale and productivity of their employees.

An employer cannot completely control an employees attitude, but employees who internalize WAVE principles often are harder workers, more organized, better able to navigate setbacks, and more likely to address problems with the person in a position to resolve them. This can lead to happier employees and a much more productive workforce.