Writing an exceptional employee performance review is the responsibility of a supervisor in many jobs. Whether it's for a teacher evaluation at the end of a semester or a human resource representative's periodic analysis, a person's accomplishment report can serve as a motivating device for future success. The exceptional employee needs his pat on the back and the feeling that his efforts are recognized and appreciated in order to continue the exemplary work.

Things You Will Need
  • pen

  • paper

  • computer

Gather as much material about the person as you can before starting to write the report. Check his records such as attendance, punctuality or notes by immediate supervisors.

Arrange for an interview with the employee. Ask and discuss such questions as: What was your favorite project in the past 12 months and what did you do to make it work well? What have you done to deliver more value to this company than you did three to six months ago? What new skills have you learned in the last year?

Take notes on these responses and save them for the writing process.

Determine the format you plan to use in developing the report. Consider whether you want a check-off list or a more personalized, thorough paragraph description of the person's work.

Prepare to use flattering language if appropriate in your report such as: As a direct result of your efforts..... You've done a magnificent job with..... The outstanding success......

Use details and examples for everything you mention in the report. Tell why the person is exemplary.

Put your comments on paper and describe the personal attributes of the person you are analyzing. Use the material gathered for starters. Include items such as how he gets along with supervisors and fellow workers. Think about whether he is pleasant to be around. Mention his ability to be involved in teamwork and his attitude toward suggestions and criticism.

Develop your employee performance report by discussing the employee's exceptional quality of work on the job. Describe how his performances are outstanding and his accomplishments are significant for the company. Check that he follows the policies and procedures of the company, meets deadlines and performs an ample volume of work. Compliment him wherever possible with such items as, "We are aware of your personal contribution to project X." Add something like: "The employee handles difficult situations with effectiveness." Add another appropriate comment such as: "He has shown positive achievements in a variety of areas that exceed normal expectation."

Arrange for a post write-up meeting with the employee and discuss the items in his report. Discuss with him his possible goals for the future and how he can make an excellent performance even better. Consider rewards for the exceptional performance such as a salary increase, possibility of promotion or simply personal satisfaction for being recognized for his contribution to the job.