Wording on Cover Letters

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A cover letter is often the first impression you make on a hiring manager. The wording used in this letter is important in conveying your qualifications, showing your professionalism and getting the hiring manager interested in giving you an interview. Take the time to check the wording on your cover letter to make sure it presents the proper professional image for your resume.

Be Professional

Even if you know the hiring manager personally, you should always maintain professional language in a cover letter. Your resume and cover letter will get passed around the company as the interview process goes on. Having unprofessional language in the cover letter could hurt your chances at some point in the process. Avoid slang terms, addressing the hiring manager by her first name, obscenities and inside stories or jokes. Present yourself in a professional manner and use professional language.

Check For Errors

Writing a resume cover letter is not a race. Take the time to review your letter to find any errors in grammar or spelling. You want your first impression with the hiring manager to be one of professionalism and the desire to do the job as completely as possible. Taking the time to correct the errors in your cover letter shows that dedication to good work.


A cover letter should be direct. Remove any extraneous wording or phrases that do not assist you in making your point. Make your paragraphs concise but highly informational. Do not force the hiring manager to have to hunt all over your cover letter for important information. Make the important parts of your letter stand out by eliminating any unnecessary information.

Customize It

Make your cover letter as customized to the hiring manager and company you are sending it to as possible. Call the company and find out the name of the hiring manager; include his last name as part of your salutation. Throughout the letter, refer to the company directly by its name and include some industry jargon as it applies to the position. Let the hiring manager know that you have done your research and are familiar with the position you are applying for.