Supervisors are hired by an employer to overlook the employees and lead them in the right direction should they be confused about tasks or projects. A supervisor’s position also requires writing and reading skills, as he is often responsible for documenting events, writing reports for the business owner and completing human resource paperwork. When you are interviewing candidates for a supervisor position, ask the candidates to provide writing examples, as the samples are the best indicators of writing ability.

Why to Hire

One essay question you can ask a supervisor candidate is why you should hire her for the supervisor job. This particular question allows you to see how well the candidate can write and how well she knows the demands of the supervisor job in question. For instance, you can evaluate the candidate on her writing abilities and her ability to make a solid argument as to why her skill set is the best possible for the position based on the position requirements and her qualifications. If you want specific examples, ask her to provide at least three separate reasons why she would be an ideal candidate. Examples can include managing schedule and timetables, directing staff and employees, serving on committees within the company and being able to meet production and quality goals and standards.

Relations with Employees

Another major responsibility of a supervisor is to maintain a positive and productive relationship with the employees of the business. A supervisor may be responsible for interviewing and hiring new employees, as well as performing evaluations on performances in the workplace. One essay question could focus on how the candidate interviews potential employees and what steps he takes during the employee evaluation process. This answer will give you an idea of how the candidate will handle company policies and procedures along with taking initiative if no evaluation procedures have been created by the business executives or human resources.

Personal Achievements

One essay question can focus on asking the supervisor candidate to explain what she has done within the last 6 months to a year that has benefited her within the profession or industry. The answer can include courses, education or taking on additional work hours in different positions to learn about the requirements and demands of supervisors. The answer should be verified and used as part of the candidate’s evaluation in terms of qualifications and skills.

Supervising Manuals and Procedures

Supervisors are required to follow the manuals and procedures provided by the business executives of the business. It is the responsibility that the supervisor manages the employees under his wing according to these manuals and procedures. In an essay question, ask the candidate to explain how he stays updated on company manuals and how he teaches other employees about the procedures and requirements. As an addition, you can ask the candidate to explain his favorite type of manuals, so you get an idea of how much experience he has with company manuals and documented procedures.