Safety Training Games for a Group

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Safety is a large priority in industries such as warehousing, food service, education, transportation, hazardous material handling, health care, assembly and construction. Integrate an entertaining alternative to standard safety-training videos that involve groups of coworkers combining efforts to achieve a safe and productive workplace. Engage each employee in the interactive training sessions to ensure the safety content is understood and able to be applied.


PERIL is a role-playing computer game that leads players through an alien world while avoiding potential accidents and injury to create the longest lifeline. Project Earth Risk Identification Lifeline promotes education involved with workplace risk reduction by integrating trivia and quiz questions into the game play. The game, also appropriate for teenagers, can be designated to center on a "city" or an "at play" mode. The "city" is more appropriate for adult workplace safety education. Players may work together within the game to achieve.

Electronic Simulations

Employees can place themselves into risky workplace situations via a character in a virtual simulation. These games increase safety skills and reinforce concepts while moving characters through a series of tactical applications. Scaffolding safety, electronic safety, fall prevention and forklift safety are only a few of the interactive simulations that promote a long-term retention of safety policies and procedures for employees. Each person participating within the group may work together to avoid and experience risks without the potential to be harmed using simulations.

Interactive Skits, Puzzles and Activities

Group employees together in small teams to complete safety regulation puzzles, activities and cartoons. While being entertained and challenged, the co-workers use their knowledge of safety techniques and procedures to figure out the brain teasers and interactive activities.

Role play is another effective method of group safety training. Each group may be assigned to act out a specific safety violation, while other groups determine where they went wrong and what can be done in place of their mistakes to comply with the most current safety regulations.

OSHA Jeopardy

Either via the Internet or by creating your own game, "Jeopardy!" is an effective trivia game to practice and learn safety policies. Purchase a safety guideline-specific game from the National Safety Compliance website or use a large bulletin board or white board to set up the game. Prepare five categories of safety questions on blank note cards and on the reverse side of the card, designate the trivia difficulty with a dollar amount. The participants separate into groups and either work together or take turns to answer the questions and gain money for their team. The team with the most money at the game's end is the winning team and may be treated to a catered lunch.