Non Profit Organization Grants in Virginia

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Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the funds that are generated from grants. Grants can make up a significant portion of the revenue that nonprofit organizations need in order to offer their services to the public. In Virginia, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities offer several grants to nonprofit organizations seeking funding. State and federal government agencies and private organizations offer other grants in Virginia. Being able to fund a nonprofit organization in Virginia is about knowing where to find the organizations offering funding and their requirements.

Open Grant Program

The Open Grant Program is open to all nonprofit organizations that concentrate on humanities disciplines. The award amounts are up to $10,000, based on your project and proposal. There are three deadline dates for the Open Grant Program: February 1, May 1, and October 15. All participants must submit their proposal online. The Open Grant Program has a list of restrictions on who's qualified for funding, such as no advocacy or political agendas, no performing arts nonprofit organizations, and you can't use the funds to purchase equipment.

Discretionary Grants

Unlike the Open Grant Program, Discretionary Grants doesn't have deadline dates. However, since both are provided by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, they have the same requirements and restrictions. You also apply online at the same application portal that's required for the Open Grant Program. The Discretionary Grant provides up to $3,000 for nonprofit organizations who have large projects that they need to complete and need a modest amount of additional funding to supplement their present funding.

Virginia Indian Heritage

The Virginia Indian Heritage Program Grant is another grant offered from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. The grant is for nonprofit organizations that completes research for the Indian culture and history in Virginia. The VFH created the fund to further the interpretation and preservation of the local Indian tribes organizations, historical societies and museums. Nonprofit societies apply for Virginia Indian Heritage grants through the Open or Discretionary grant programs. They must stipulate that their organization is interested in the Indian Heritage Program and supply information for why they qualify for the funds.

The FVNR Grant

The Foundation for Virginia's Natural Resources devised a grant program to help nonprofit organizations who provide educational and prevention programs that center around the environment and pollution in Virginia. The grant is awarded only once a year depending on the availability of funds, but the FVNR accepts applications year round. You must apply for the FVNR grant on the FVNR website. The grant committee goes over the applications and chooses based on financial and technical criteria. The criteria for the fund states that the organization must create opportunities for all ages, including outdoor classrooms and ongoing mentoring in environmental issues.