The Best Cover Letter for a Nurse

When applying for a position as an R.N. (registered nurse), you should always include a cover letter aimed at getting you considered for the position over any of the other qualified applicants looking for the same job. The perfect cover letter doesn't need to be extensive, but it does need to highlight your skills and qualities in such a way that a potential employer is convinced you're the right choice for the job.

Cover Letter Basics

Use standard one-inch margins and an easily readable font such as Times New Roman or Courier set to 12 points. At the top of the letter, center your name, address, phone number and email address. Drop down four lines and left-justify the recipient's information, including name of the facility you're applying to and the name of the actual recipient of your cover letter. If you don't have an actual name, call the facility and get one. Be specific who you address your letter to.


The first sentence of the cover letter should state who you are and your credentials in the nursing field. The second sentence should state directly what position you are applying for. Be sure to identify the position as precisely as possible. If, for instance, you saw an advertisement in a paper, write, "My name is (first and last name) and I am a registered nurse. I would like to apply for the recently advertised R.N. position at (name of facility)." This information will encompass the first paragraph of your cover letter.

Experience and Education

Sell yourself with your credentials. State that you feel your past experience as an R.N. qualifies you for the position being advertised. Indicate some of your primary educational background, keeping in mind that all of it will be covered in depth in your application. The key here is to show you have the required education. This section of the letter will encompass two or three paragraphs, beginning with your educational pursuits and followed by the application of your education (brief summary of the work you've done in the field).


In closing, state that you would like to schedule an appointment to meet regarding the position and to discuss the possibility of your getting the job. Thank the recipient of the letter for taking the time to consider you for the position and state that you look forward to the meeting.