The Importance of Communication in the Corporate World

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In order to communicate effectively, business people need to understand how to apply a variety of methods of communication to the situations they face each day, according to the Reference for Business website. It takes practice and experience to learn how to effectively communicate in the business world. Understanding the importance of communication will justify the investment of money and time into becoming a more effective communicator.


Internal business communication is important to your company's success. The smooth transfer of information between departments ensures that daily tasks are completed. For example, salespeople need to work with accounting people to approve new client accounts and discuss collections on past due clients. Without a smooth internal communication network, information and requests for action will get lost and delayed. The company will miss deadlines, and revenue will be slowed due to delayed invoice collections.


Communication between a manager and employee is important in the development of the employee, the maintaining of positive morale and in creating more efficient job processes. Managers can work with employees on career development plans that improve productivity and benefit the company with the help of clear communication. The constant interaction between a manager and employee on day-to-day issues can help to head off problems before they cause damage, and can allow the staff to develop solutions that can be implemented in other parts of the company.


Improved communication with the client can gain a customer's loyalty. Internet suggestion forms, customer input phone numbers and personal representatives at retail locations are ways that companies open up communication with customers and gain valuable input. Customer service associates are trained to assist customers with product issues and problems, which can help to retain repeat business and secure revenue streams.


Public relations is used to create a company image and address corporate issues within the community. Part of communicating with the community is making charitable donations to local groups, and getting involved in community causes such as school or hospital funding. Alerting the community to the company's involvement in civic causes will help to create a positive bond between the community and the company. Addressing negative issues immediately, and truthfully, is also an important part of communication with the community.