Moving Company Marketing Tips

Moving companies face stiff competition for residential and commercial moving business. Firms must also overcome negative connotations associated with the moving industry. many consumers have reported numerous overcharging practices and breakages associated with inexperienced personnel. Some movers went out of business after consumer complaints were registered. A moving company should combat these issues by conducting business ethically and efficiently. The firm should emphasize these principles as it markets to varied customer groups.

Apartment Complexes

Attract apartment customer business by placing your brochures in the complex’s management office. Offer attractive prices and short-notice service. Consider a referral program that compensates referring residents with credits toward future moves. Apartment complexes experience constant turnover as residents move in and out of the housing units. Some residents move small amounts of belongings with assistance from friends or family, while renters with heavy or bulky furniture may require assistance from moving companies.

Assisted Living Facilities

Visit assisted living facility managers with professional company brochures and offer attractive rates for incoming residents. Assign one moving company manager to focus on the distinctive needs of seniors moving into assisted living communities. Develop a team of specially trained senior market movers who demonstrate both efficiency and sensitivity. Market your senior moving services through a nationwide network.

Real Estate Partnerships

Visit real estate agencies with your company brochures and references from satisfied customers. Offer attractive rates and on-demand service to the agency’s clients. Provide a referral incentive for the real estate company as well. Attract national business by joining the American Moving and Storage Association, a national movers’ network that funnels consumer leads to local member companies. Ensure you are approved for regional or nationwide moves first (see Resources).

Labor-Only Business Moves

Companies commonly move equipment and furniture to different offices in the same building. Other firms move expansive office networks to business complexes across town. Increasing numbers of budget- and schedule-conscious businesses transport goods in company or employee vehicles, but need loading and unloading assistance. Train your moving company employees in efficient office moving practices, and visit regional offices to present attractive labor-only moving rates.