FBLA, also known as Future Business Leaders of America, is regarded as the premier student business organization for high-school and college students. Students who are a part of this organization participate in skills competitions, including Computer Applications and Word Processing during their local, regional and national events where FBLA national winners are crowned. The FBLA Format Guide includes guidelines for how to format important business communications like business letters for high-school and college students.

FBLA Format Guide Margin Specifications

The FBLA Format Guide includes specific margins in its guidelines for the FBLA business letter format. Make the top margin 2 inches and the side margin 1 inch. All of the business letter's text should begin at the left margin.

Format for Date

Every business letter includes the current date, which helps both the sender and receiver keep record of when communications were sent and received. According the the FBLA Format Guide, the date should appear at the top of the page, where the top margin ends.

Format for the Receiver's Address

The FBLA Format Guide does not require letter writers to include their mailing addresses within the letters they send. However, the format does require that the receiver's address is included. After the date, include skip a single-spaced line, then type the receiver's name, add the address on the next line and then on the final line of the address, include city, state and ZIP code.

Correct Use of a Salutation

Include a double-space under the last line of the receiver's mailing address. Begin your letter's salutation, which may start, “Dear [recipient].” Be sure to include the receiver's name with the proper title of Mrs., Miss or Mr.

Body of the Letter

The body area of the letter is the area where FBLA students include their purpose for writing. Include a double-line space after the salutation and then begin writing your body copy. According to the FBLA Format Guide, each paragraph should be standard block format; you don't have to indent. Include a double-spaced line in between each paragraph. Add a double-line space after your last paragraph.

FBLA Signature Format

FBLA students need to close their letters with a signature. After including a double-line space after the last paragraph of the letter, close with “Sincerely,” then insert four single-line spaces. Use the space to sign your letter with blue or black ink. After your signature, type your name on the next line and include your title. Add another single-spaced line for your typists' initial, if applicable.