Good Objectives for Resumes for Medical Assistants

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Medical assistants have a wide range of responsibilities. They may bill insurance companies, maintain patient records, assist with some procedures and lab work, and schedule appointments. Medical assistants must demonstrate their interest in working in the medical field and their ability to perform a wide range of related tasks.

Medical Field

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Medical assistants’ resume objectives should discuss their passion for working in the medical field. For example, an objective might read, “Seeking position as a medical assistant where I can use my skills in office and patient records management and enthusiasm for providing high-quality service in the medical field to enhance the efficiency of a physician’s office.”


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Highlighting experience as a medical assistant can help potential medical assistants find a position. It is important to include information about any medical assisting experience in the resume objective. The resume objective might say, “Medical assistant with five years of experience seeks position as medical assistant at Park Hospital to provide excellent billing and records management as well as assistance with medical procedures.”

New to the Field

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Medical assistants new to the field should indicate that they want to develop their skills in medical assisting. For instance, a new medical assistant might write that her job objective is “To obtain a permanent medical assisting position that provides opportunities for professional growth and the development of medical assisting skills.” The CV Tips website suggests another career objective for medical assistants: “To secure a professional medical assistant position in a reputable medical facility where I can continue to develop and enhance my hands-on skills and knowledge in the medical field.”

How to Write

Write your objective
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Keep your resume objective under four sentences long. Use action-oriented verbs and precise words to describe the type of job you are seeking and your experience in the medical field. Use words from the qualifications and requirements section of the job description in your objective. Include the words “medical assistant” in your objective so employers know which position you are seeking. This is helpful if they are hiring for more than one position at a time. The job objective is one of the first places an employer can get an idea of what kind of experience you have and what type of job you want.