Example of an Objective Statement

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An objective statement reveals the first details a prospective employer will learn about you. An objective statement defines your professional goals and sets the tone for the rest of your resume.


An objective statement is a sentence between one and three lines long that is included on your resume to sum up your career goals. It may also include what you expect from an employer and what you have to offer. The objective statement should appear below your contact information.


An objective statement establishes your professional identity. It gives the hiring manager a brief overview of your credentials, identifies the position for which you are applying and explains why you are qualified for that position.


Each field has a specific skill set prized by employers. Display your proficiency with these industry-specific skill sets in your objective statement. For example, in the graphic design field, candidates must be creative, innovative and proficient in a variety of design software and computer platforms.

Example RN Objective Statement

An example of an objective statement for an RN position would be: "Seeking a position as a registered nurse in a facility that will allow me to expand my clinical experience while providing the best quality care to all patients."

Example Entry-Level Objective Statement

The following is an ideal objective statement for a student looking for an entry-level position in human resources: "Seeking a position in the field of human resources where I can use my past work experience to improve a company's operation while continuing my education."


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