Money Making Ideas in Woodworking

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Many woodworkers practice the craft for pleasure, but woodworking offers a variety of ways to make money. Depending upon your skill sets, you can use your woodworking talents to open up a small business. Whether you're making crafts, furniture or building houses, you can find ways to turn your pleasure into a money-making venture that you can do from the comfort of a home-based workshop.


Homemade wooden furniture can be a profitable way to use your woodworking skills. You can sell your furniture at flea markets or even take advantage of online auctions. In addition to making items such as chairs, bed frames and tables, you can offer furniture-refinishing services. Toddler furniture is a particularly salable item, including high chairs, tea party table and chairs, and toy boxes.

Landscape Woodworking

Depending upon your level of skill, landscaping may be a viable option for your woodworking skills. Building wooden decks, fences and ornamental elements such as bird feeders and walkways are ways you can turn your woodworking skills into money. Large wooden carvings are another way to use your woodworking skills in a landscape situation.

Wooden Knick Knacks

Almost every town has a flea market where you can sell your wood crafts. Popular wood craft items found at flea markets include personalized picture frames, jewelry boxes, plaques, wooden jewelry (including key chains with engraved names) and soap dishes. Other home decor knick knacks include figurine carvings.

Wood Burning

Increase the sales potential of your wood crafts by purchasing a wood-burning pen and using it to customize items for your customers. Using a wood-burning pen isn't difficult and gives your wood crafts a rustic appearance. Personalized items are often easier to sell, and with a wood-burning pen you can engrave names and phrases on almost anything you make.