Employee-of-the-Month Award Criteria

Employee-of-the-month awards are given to employees in hopes of motivating workers to work hard and effectively each month. Employers must choose the proper candidate each month by following a list of pre-established criteria. The candidates are not chosen at random but are chosen on the accomplishments and achievements reached within the month.

Overall Sales

If the company is selling products and most of the employees are working as sales people, the employer might give the monthly employee award to the worker who has sold the most products within the month. If this is the only factor that determines who will get the monthly award, employees might work harder to get the recognition.

Personal Commission

Some workers earn both an hourly wage and a commission based on the products or services sold. Based on the value of the item told, the employee might earn more commission on expensive items than the amount of commission earned on cheaper items. This is because it might be easier to sell cheaper products than more expensive ones. The employer might evaluate how much commission the employee has earned during the single month as one way of evaluating the overall criteria for the monthly award.

Attitude Standards

The overall attitude of the employee might also play a role in determining if the employee should be nominated for the monthly award. If the employee is showing up late and not paying attention to the other workers but still manages to meet deadlines and get the work done, the employer might not see the employee as the proper choice. The positive attitude, friendliness and overall enjoyment of workers can help the employer make a decision.

Job Completion

Each worker for a company has a set list of projects and tasks that must be completed on either a daily or weekly basis. This can include daily tasks such as sending out the postal mail, writing meeting minutes or completing projects that have a weekly deadline. The employer will evaluate the employees’ abilities to complete projects on time and determine whether the employee is working as expected or taking the projects and tasks one step further in evaluating a monthly employee recognition award.

Teamwork and Support

The employee might also be judged on the amount of teamwork and support he has offered throughout the month. Listening to others’ perspectives during a team challenge or offering support where necessary shows that the worker is willing to help other workers when they are in need. The level of teamwork shows the employer that the employee is not simply working for himself, but also working to help out those around him and the company as a whole.