How Much Does It Cost to Register a Business in Florida?

by Mary Jane; Updated September 26, 2017

Any business operating in the United States must be registered with the state or county in which it operates. The same rule applies to businesses operating in Florida. Upon registration, a registration fee must be paid, and the business owner will get a statement of proof. The costs of business registration in Florida differ greatly, depending on the business entity being registered.


A corporate-structured business is one that separates the business owner from the business itself. The corporation becomes a separate legal entity, which is meant to protect the business owner from liabilities and customer lawsuits, for example. If something happens directly to the business, it does not affect the members of the business, as everything is kept separate. A Florida corporation can register for an approximate fee of $70 to $80 as of January 2011. Included in this price is a corporate name search, expedited filing, employer identification number (EIN) filing, tax filing and a certificate of business status and stock certificates or corporate seals.

Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company is a flexible business that combines a partnership with a corporate business structure. For example, the partners will be subject to limited liability by the majority of business jurisdictions in the United States. The cost of registering a limited liability company in Florida is approximately $60 to $70 as of January 2011. Business owners are provided a corporate name search, professional customer support, expedited filing and articles of incorporation in the registration price. Business owners can also add an EIN filing number, register a fictitious name, get a business status certificate and get a company kit with an operating agreement and a Florida business guide.

Doing Business As or Fictitious Name

Business owners who prefer registering their business as a DBA (or doing business as) company can register in Florida for approximately $55 to $65 as of January 2011. These types of businesses operate under a trade name, so the actual name of the business owner is not revealed. When business owners register their Florida businesses as DBA or as a fictitious business, they usually get a name registration and expedited filing. A business license may also be given by the state.

Where to Register

Business registration differs from state to state. This includes the general location where the business must be registered. While some states require businesses to register with the secretary of state, others want smaller businesses to register with the local county office. All businesses operating in Florida must register with the Department of State. This should be done whether the business structure is a partnership, a corporation or a sole proprietorship with a single business owner.

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