Budget Planning Presentation

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A company may need to make budget alterations or budget cuts as part of a financial plan for the business. During this process, proposals for budget planning or suggestions may be accepted by company executives to get an idea of how to solve the budget issues. Some of these proposals for budget planning may be presented to a board of executives rather than presented in a written format.

Administrative Formatting

A budget planning presentation should be formatted in a clean and professional manner. It should include a title page, where you include the company’s name and logo, along with the presentation date. Also include the name of the general audience, such as the board of directors or the budget management team. The second page or slide of the presentation should a presentation agenda, in which you outline each of the topics that will be covered so the audience knows when they can ask the proper questions.

Budget Overview

The first section after the agenda is to provide an overview of the current budget. This should be done even if there is no existing budget. The overview would then explain the lack of a budget, since the business is new or disorganized, for example. If the budget is operating in the business, the overview should explain the current categories or sections present in the budget.

Suggestive Changes

Create a list of changes that could be made to the budget to improve its operation and standing based on the information provided in the previous section. The list should identify current issues or problems in the budget or budget predictions of where the company could end up in debt due to excessive spending, for example.

New Budget Plan

Present a revised budget so the audience can see what changes you intend to make with your budget plan. For example, you may explain that two existing categories in the budget may be unproductive spending, so you can suggest eliminating those categories, allowing the company to save a specific amount of money each month.

Results and Predictions

While the board of directors may be able to see the changes in the budget based on your plan, they may not be able to see the long-term results of the budget changes. Make a list of predictions or potential results that the company can expect to see with the budget changes suggested in the presentation. For example, long-term results can include saving enough funding to launch new product lines or eliminate liability loans.