Operations management is a broad area of business management that involves labor relations, statistics, manufacturing control, and policy creation, among other things. The conclusion for a report on operations management should be fairly in-depth and free of fluff, but at the same time goal oriented.

Reiterate the main theme of the report. What was the problem or issue discussed in the report? What factors were talked about? Touch briefly upon each of these things as an introductory part of the conclusion.

Evaluate whether the issue was solved, if there was one. What was changed? What still needs to be improved upon?

Talk about future goals. Which are the most important? Reducing production time, improving employee training, controlling costs, etc. are examples of operations management goals that might be considered.

Briefly discuss strategies to achieve any goals. What is the number one thing that needs to be achieved for business to more forward?

Avoid fluff. The point of a report on operations management is to evaluate the systems in place, not to act as a feel-good essay. That being said, it is good to end on a positive, goal-oriented note.


Don’t include statistics in the conclusion. Stay away from fluff at all costs. Summarize, clarify, and create goals.