The Five Most Important Characteristics for an Employee to Have

While a strong resume can get you into a job, many employers learn over time how to spot the characteristics in potential employees that will make them ideal for a job position. By knowing what these characteristics are and making them a part of your personality, especially during an interview, you can increase your chance of impressing a potential employer enough to take a chance on you.

Communication Skills

Regardless of the job you do, there's a good chance you will need to be able to communicate effectively, whether with clients and customers or with other employees. This is a key skill many employers look for. The job interview is your chance to show this characteristic. Listen to your prospective employer, ask questions to clarify anything you don't understand, and sell yourself to the employer by speaking clearly and decisively about your career objectives.

Strong Work Ethic

A strong work ethic is something a potential employer will want to see. A strong work ethic can be demonstrated by your ability to follow through on your duties and responsibilities and always ensure the work is done completely and according to procedures. Commitment is another characteristic that goes along with a strong work ethic.


Keeping a professional appearance at work is important. This doesn't apply to the way you dress, but rather how you present yourself and represent the company. Follow proper procedures, treat customers with respect and always show up on time to work.


An employ who shows initiative is likely to impress an employer. Many companies hire individuals that can take charge of their duties without being watched over and told what to do every step of the way. Take on responsibilities other than your own, creating systems that streamline the work flow and starting new projects when your duties are finished.


An employer will recognize your reliability when he sees you know when you're supposed to be at work, that you will perform your job the way you've been trained and that you are willing to pitch in when extra work is needed.