Cost Cutting Ideas for the Workplace

Businesses like to keep their costs around the office as low as possible. Fortunately there are so many different ideas that any company can implement to keep their costs low and save money. Many of these ideas are simple things that do not take much time or effort, but in the long run can save your workplace a considerable amount of money.

Unnecessary Expenses

Cut back on anything that is an unnecessary expense. For example, if the office subscribes to several different magazines, consider dropping them. If your company pays dues simply to belong to different organizations examine whether or not you really use the organization and if it does any good for you or if it is just an unnecessary payment.


Paying your bills on time helps to keep costs low, especially if companies charge you late fees. Late fees are unnecessary expenses that are only a detriment to your company. Of course, paying your bills is dependent on your customers paying theirs. If you are a service-based company, expect payment at the time of service. You can also charge half of your fees up front and the half upon completion. This keeps you from having to mail out late notices to your customers, which saves you money in postage, and also helps you be able to pay your own bills in a timely manner.

Office Supplies

Be smart when it comes to buying your office supplies. Shop around for the best deals, use coupons when applicable, buy in bulk to save money and stock up when items you use all the time go on sale. You can also find ways to get some money back through recycling. Many office supply stores offer you store credit when you return empty ink cartridges or old printers and computers. See which stores in your area offer the best of these bonuses. Instead of buying brand new ink every time you need it, purchase or get your empties refilled, which can save you $10 or more per cartridge. You can also reuse. Instead of throwing away scrap paper, use it. You can use the back of it to print on again or cut it up to jot down notes instead of buying fresh paper to scribble on.


Take note of what services you pay for that you can eliminate. For example, if you mail a lot to your customers, consider using email instead. This helps you save money not only on postage, but also on paper, envelopes and ink. Think about all the extras you have on your phone service and decide if there is any way you can cut back on that. The same goes for any copier or other office equipment you may lease.