Tips on Visual Merchandising

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Visual merchandising is the displaying of merchandise that aims to increase store traffic and generate sales. In addition, visual merchandising is another key component to boosting sales at the point of checkout. Maintaining aesthetically pleasing and vibrant visual displays can significantly assist in retail sales.

Go Outdoors

During warm weather seasons, displaying merchandise outside of the store helps boost sales because the outdoor area is the first part of the store consumers come in contact with. When setting up the outside display, the experts at the website The Retailers Advantage recommend setting up the outside of the store to evoke the feeling of a street fair.


Use signs throughout a store so that customers can easily find the merchandise they are looking for. Place signs for related items next to one another in an effort to generate cross sales.


Key visual decisions regarding the use of store space include where products go, what products should be adjacent to each other and where to put seasonal goods such as winter coats. One example of a visual decision would be to put items with high profit margins on display near the front of a store, since those locations get the most traffic from shoppers.

Window Displays

Window displays are important because they provides a customer with a first encounters and begins the selling process. Window displays provide information on the type of merchandise a store offers. Decide if the window display's purpose is promotional or institutional. A promotional display promotes specific items using special props. For example, if skiing gear is highlighted, the window might have artificial snow as part of the display. If an institutional display is planned, the display should promote the store image. For example, if the store is an upscale jewelry store, the display could include samples of the jewelry with a velvet background.


Use lighting to highlight products for sale. Highligt merchandise that has a good profit margin. Considering displaying one item in bulk on the ends of the aisles; those locations are considered prime real estate in retail.


Change what is displayed and featured in the store on a weekly basis. Shoppers who frequent a store will visually "tune out" merchandise they have seen before. Variety will maintain their interest in potential items to purchase.


Make sure pricing is shown for all merchandise. When special discounts are offered as part of a promotion, highlight this by showing the before and after price and drawing attention to the special price.