One of the major responsibilities of a human resources department is to instruct employees on various matters relating to the company. Encourage your HR department to hold weekly meetings that focus on a single topic as an effective means of distributing in-depth information to the workforce. These frequent sessions give the HR department the opportunity to address issues in a timely manner.

Cost Cutting

A huge concern for any small business is keeping costs down so the margin of profits is larger. Instruct the HR staff to bring employees in for a weekly meeting that concentrates on ways to reduce company costs. They should explain how this subject affects the employees personally, as pay scales increase as the price of operations decreases. The meeting should include discussion on large measures such as recycling materials, discovering more efficient ways to complete work tasks and reducing the paperwork dramatically by using digital technology. Also, include small measures such as encouraging employees to turn out lights in rooms when they are not in use and to properly maintain the office equipment to the best of their abilities. Another cost-cutting measure involves instructions to employees regarding safeguarding their health and that of other employees; talk about proper hand-washing techniques and wiping down surfaces with germ-killing cleaners benefits everyone.

Time Management

Helping employees improve their efficiency is on the top of the list of company concerns. A savvy HR professional can devote an entire meeting to the subject of effective use of time. She discusses with employees the problems they face in getting their work done, mentioning procrastination, lack of organization, distractions and lack of proper resources specifically. The meeting leader can then guide employees on techniques such as prioritizing their work tasks to get the most important duties done first and ways to handle interruptions by setting a firm limit on controllable obstacles such as chatty phone calls.

Adapting to Change

Your employees, like many persons, may find it difficult to accept change. It is natural for individuals to seek out comfort zones and fight to stay in them. Part of the job of an HR professional is to help employees deal with the discomfort of changes. Talk directly in a weekly meeting about the necessity and inevitability of change in the workplace as in all of life. Your workers need to be reminded that without alterations there is no growth, and the failure to adapt can cause an employee to lose his position in the business altogether. Reassure the staff that though there will be changes, you will explain the reasons for them and implement them in as gradual a way as possible while listening to and addressing any concerns that arise.


The HR department should be intimately involved with team building in the organization. Holding a meeting or a series of meetings on the subject of collaboration helps employees learn to value the experience of working together. The meeting leader should focus on issues such as team blending of ideas, new ideas made possible by different personalities and the always-welcomed blessing of shared workloads. Practice exercises in which employees work first as individuals and then as a team to complete something such as a jigsaw puzzle to illustrate to employees how collaborating produces quality work in a quick manner.