Your MacBook trackpad encounters a lot of abuse throughout its life. Adjusting the way you interact with your MacBook can prolong the life of the trackpad and protect the trackpad's internal components. A faulty trackpad can make your MacBook inoperable. With proper care, you can continue to use your MacBook for business presentations, lectures and creating documents using the advanced gestures of your trackpad.

Trackpad Settings

If you have a heavy hand, change the trackpad settings so that you don't have to push in on the trackpad to click on items. By learning to tap the trackpad instead of pushing in on it, you can prolong the life of the trackpad. Click the Apple menu; select "System Preferences" and "Trackpad" to access the trackpad settings. Select the "Point & Click" tab and check the "Tap To Click" check box. Instead of pushing down on the trackpad to click, you can now tap with a single finger and create less strain for the trackpad components.

Trackpad Guards

Teflon guards protect the surface if your trackpad. You can purchase pads from most computer stores or Apple retail stores. Teflon guards also prevent moisture from directly accessing the surface of the trackpad. Before applying the teflon guard, make sure that your trackpad is clean and free of debris. Take your time placing the trackpad guard on the trackpad and work from one corner to the other. Small air bubbles underneath the guard should disappear within 72 hours of installation.

Proper Maintenance

Avoid putting oil or lotion or allowing any moisture on the trackpad. If your hands are sweaty, use an external mouse until you can move to an air-conditioned area. You can also try placing a piece of tissue paper on your finger to absorb the moisture. Resting your hands too close to the trackpad can put extra pressure on the trackpad and cause damage to the components. When cleaning the trackpad, make sure the MacBook has been powered off and is unplugged from a power source. Spray some glass cleaner on a soft cloth and clean your trackpad using the damp cloth.

Water Damage

If you accidentally spill a drink on your MacBook, immediately turn it off and turn it upside down. Remove the battery on MacBooks with removable batteries and then attempt to drain any liquid from the computer. Wait at least 72 hours before turning your MacBook on to allow the computer to dry out completely. In the event that your trackpad suffers water damage, Apple will not cover your repairs. Apple MacBooks manufactured as early as 2008 have liquid sensors in various portions of the computer that allow a technician to see if there is water damage. For this reason, avoid drinking while using your MacBook and keep your computer and trackpad in a dry location.