Securing the Paper

A hole puncher is a tool that punches clean holes in paper; the holes are large enough to allow the paper to be placed in a three-ring binder. The first step is to secure the paper. Typically the punching mechanism is shielded by a metal plate, with a hole for the puncher to fit through. The paper is placed under the first metal plate and above another. The bottom plate holds the paper in place, and the top plate secures the paper for a clean cut.

Small Puncture

The puncher has two protruding pointed edges that look concave from the side. These pointed edges pierce first to avoid crumpling the paper and to ensure a clean cut.


When the puncher is forced down, a crisp hole is punched in the paper. The pointed edges on the puncher make the first incisions for the hole, and the final downward motion completes the process.