How Does Work?

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bizfluent article image is a website that allows people to sell their designs on T-shirts, cups, clocks, posters, underwear and other items. The site provides the merchandise, prints the designs and ships packages to customers.

Buy and Sell

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Anyone can purchase items on CafePress. People can create merchandise and purchase it for themselves. Transactions are done online. Those who wish to buy an item must use a credit card and provide billing information. People will also create merchandise to sell to others. They will use CafePress as their online store and link to it on their personal websites. There is no fee for a seller to upload and create merchandise, because CafePress will only print and ship items when they sell. CafePress sets a base price that the customer pays. If a seller wants to profit, he can choose to increase the price of an item. Earnings from CafePress can be sent by check each month or applied to a Paypal account.

The Process

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Create an account. Upload an image. You will have to make sure your image fits the appropriate dimensions. Choose which products you want to sell. Launch your virtual store. When someone is ready to purchase an item, he will add it to his virtual shopping cart. He will pay for the item with a credit cart, pay for shipping and wait for the item to arrive through the mail.