An engaging and comprehensive company profile not only attracts customers, but also helps people understand the uniqueness, personnel and purpose of your company. Oil and gas companies in particular can benefit from a well-written profile, especially since high gas and heating oil prices have caused them to become none-too-popular with consumers. The best profiles offer the key points of the business and include information about its products and culture, as well as a description of what makes it unique.

Things You Will Need
  • Key management bios

  • Company "mission statement" or brief description of the business

  • Information about company location and number of employees

  • Key products

State the company name, the founding date and a description of what the company does. An opening statement of an oil company might read, "Ewing Oil, founded in 1975, is an oil research, drilling and transport company headquartered in Dallas, Texas."

Add the names and positions of key personnel. The chief executive or president should be named first, followed by the chief financial officer and other top personnel. Depending on the length of the profile, you may want to include relevant background information.

Describe the products, beginning with the best known or most profitable. Alternatively, in the case of an oil or gas research or drilling service firm, describe the service the company provides. Adding some color by describing the technology the firm uses, if relevant, is helpful.

Describe why the company is unique. For example, "Ewing Oil, due to its aggressive takeovers of smaller companies, increased its profitability every year by double digits for 10 consecutive years."

End the profile by giving the company a human touch. A frequently successful method is to describe the company's beginnings; a description of the founder is effective.