How to Calculate Maintenance Contract Pricing

To ensure their buildings or equipment are well maintained, businesses and other organizations often contract with maintenance technicians to provide these services. Customers benefit by having a professional on call for repairs at prices within their budgets, while technicians get a steady source of income. You can calculate the contract price based on a variety of factors, including the type of equipment and the time involved.

Hourly Rate

One way to calculate the cost of each visit is to base it on your hourly rate and the amount of time it typically takes to perform a complete maintenance check. If it takes three hours to service a printer, for instance, multiply the number of hours by your rate. Repairs and parts would be billed separately. However, if you must change a specific part of the equipment every visit, like the cartridges, you can include the cost in your service fee.

The Age of the Equipment

The age of the equipment could help determine your service fees. New and older machines need different levels of service. Machines older than 10 years typically require more attention, repairs and replacement parts. Based on your experience, estimate the amount of time necessary to service a machine under 10 years old and one between 10 and 15 years old, and multiply the hours by your rate. Charge maintenance fees accordingly.

Charging per Device

You can also base your pricing on the number of devices you will service. Estimate how much time it takes to perform maintenance on each device and multiply by your hourly rate. Add the numbers for all the devices in your care to arrive at your service fee per visit.