How to Cancel a Dell Account

A Dell Preferred account is a type of credit account that allows you to purchase products from Dell's website. The Dell Preferred account is a type of revolving account, and Dell does not charge a monthly service fee or an annual fee for the use of this account. You may, however, want to cancel your Dell Preferred account. You can cancel your account by calling the Dell Preferred account customer service phone number.

Call the Dell Preferred customer service phone number at 800-283-2210.

Verify your account by answering several security questions. Typically, Dell Preferred customer service will ask you for your name, billing address and the last four digits of your Social Security number.


Request the closure or cancellation of your Dell Preferred account.


Pay your final bill. You will receive your final bill in the mail in approximately 30 days. Pay your bill in full to complete the cancellation of your Dell Preferred account.



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