How to Create a Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Machine Operators

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In manufacturing plants, machine operators handle the machines that create products sold to consumers. Machine operators work in every industry and are involved in detecting problems and offering quick fixes to maintain daily operations. By implementing preventive maintenance, machine operators can keep machines functioning properly so there are no equipment shutdowns that halts the production line. Machine operators work with a variety of equipment such as drilling, boring and planing machines. These machines work on plastics, metals and glass.

Create a preventive maintenance checklist concerning all the machines you work with along the production line. Write down each type of machine you use, what the main function the machine has, and all movable parts of the machine that you can access.

Write down all parts that would require normal maintenance under each type of machine. Note what type of preventive maintenance would be appropriate for each machine. Hydraulic machines require hoses and connections checked and tightened daily. Equipment that experience abrasiveness between moving parts would require the necessary lubing on a periodic schedule.

Refer to the machine's installation manual from the manufacturer. Often, there will be a section regarding steps for maintenance of the equipment. Write down the additional information regarding machine care. Include also a safety checklist involving the inspection of machines that have safety guards, handrails and bars to ensure the parts are in good condition to maintain worker safety.