Many small businesses receive and send mail through a post office box. Although flexible and easy to manage, P.O. boxes do have disadvantages. Business owners, for example, fear that they may appear less established for using a P.O. box, because such use implies that their business has no physical address. For this reason it is desirable to have mail delivered to a suite -- a place where multiple businesses keep their offices. Sometimes this is simply not possible, but there are legal ways to use a mailbox as a suite, or physical address.

Search online for a mailbox provider who allows customers to use its boxes as a physical address. The U.S. Postal Service recommends Mail Boxes Etc. or The UPS Store.

Find the contact information for the store at which you desire to have a physical address by using the store locator on the company website.

Speak with the management and ask to set up an agreement to use their 24-hour, real street address mailbox service. Prices vary by location; stores are independently owned and operated, and prime locations may be more costly or have a waiting list.

Include your new address on your business stationery. The street, city, state and postal code will be the same as the store address at which your mailbox is located. Insert your name or business on the top line and write "Suite xxx" or "Ste. xxx" after the street address, using your new box number as the suite number.


Using a P.O. box as a suite without authorization is not legal. Therefore, use the appropriate avenues, such as real street address mailbox services, if you desire to use a mailbox as a physical address.