How to Fill Out a Contractor's Invoice

When you prepare an invoice for the sale of the products, you have a straightforward form to fill out. Just enter the quantity, item name and a few other standard details. Service invoices are a bit more complex, since they involve the sale of intangible items. A contractor’s invoice, for example, must contain detailed information about the service rendered by the contracting team. You can create the invoice using a basic spreadsheet or invoice management program.

Enter the name of project manager that hired your company for the work at the top of invoice, along with his address, phone number, email and fax number.

Provide your name or the name of your contracting team next, along with your address for payment. If you have not yet provided the project manager with your taxpayer identification number, enter that in this area of the invoice as well.

Insert the date (or range of dates) during which you completed the contracting work, as well as the initial order date. Provide the current invoice date and the number of days the project manager has to pay the invoice on time (usually about 30 days).

Provide a complete description of each service you completed for the project manager, along with the corresponding fee. If you completed the work at an hourly rate, enter the number of hours and the rate, and multiply the two figures on each line to calculate the total fee.

Include an itemized list of the supplies you had to purchase in order to complete the contracting job, if applicable, next in the invoice after your description of services.

Add up all of the costs listed on the invoice to produce the total amount due. Sign the invoice and fax or mail it to the project manager.