Mary Kay makeup and skin care products are sold all over the world. Not available in stores, Mary Kay products are sold strictly through Independent Beauty Consultants who work with the company to produce sales and increase clientele. As a Beauty Consultant, you make your money by selling products to customers, but if you do not make a $200 order at least once every three months with Mary Kay, your status as a consultant becomes inactive. If you become inactive with Mary Kay and want to reactivate your status as an Independent Beauty Consultant, you can do so in one of three ways.

Log in to your Mary Kay account using your consultant identification number and password. Place a $200 order to become active again. This method works only if you have been inactive for less than one year.

Contact any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant to reinstate yourself as a consultant by signing up again and purchasing a new starter kit. If you have been inactive for more than one year, you are considered “terminated” and this is one of two ways to reactivate your status as a consultant.

Contact your Mary Kay Unit Director to inquire about the Second Chance Consultant program. With this program, you can use your former Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant number again by paying $20 to the company to become active once more. Your Unit Director will handle this for you; all you have to do is pay your $20.