Brother IntelliFax-775 is a plain paper fax machine. The ribbon is part of the cartridge unit. The IntelliFax-775 is capable of making copies as well as faxing and phone calls. The space-saving features of this fax machine allow you to put it anywhere in your office. Brother has made changing the cartridge a quick and easy process for the IntelliFax-775, requiring only a few minutes of time.

Step 1.

Lift the front cover from the back toward the front of the machine. Press the blue levers on each side of the top cover to open it.

Step 2.

Remove the old print cartridge and throw it away or recycle it.

Step 3.

Pull off the plastic stopper from the side of the new print cartridge.

Step 4.

Make sure the triangular arrow is pointing away from you and turn the black spool on the right to tighten the ribbon.

Step 5.

Insert the cartridge into the scanner with the triangular arrow first, then lock the cartridge into all four holders.

Step 6.

Press the top cover closed on both sides and then close the front cover.