How to Install a Brother 775 Ribbon

by William Garmany; Updated September 26, 2017
Brother IntelliFax-775 Fax machine is a compact plain paper model.

Brother IntelliFax-775 is a plain paper fax machine. The ribbon is part of the cartridge unit. The IntelliFax-775 is capable of making copies as well as faxing and phone calls. The space-saving features of this fax machine allow you to put it anywhere in your office. Brother has made changing the cartridge a quick and easy process for the IntelliFax-775, requiring only a few minutes of time.

Step 1

Lift the front cover from the back toward the front of the machine. Press the blue levers on each side of the top cover to open it.

Step 2

Remove the old print cartridge and throw it away or recycle it.

Step 3

Pull off the plastic stopper from the side of the new print cartridge.

Step 4

Make sure the triangular arrow is pointing away from you and turn the black spool on the right to tighten the ribbon.

Step 5

Insert the cartridge into the scanner with the triangular arrow first, then lock the cartridge into all four holders.

Step 6

Press the top cover closed on both sides and then close the front cover.

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