How to Write a Letter to a Tenant About Purchasing a Rental Home

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Writing a persuasive and informative letter to a tenant about why they should buy a rental property is similar to writing a sales letter, with the advantage of instant recognition given to your name and property. The ideal letter contains elements of both a standard business letter and a sales letter. Specifically, the format would align to a business letter, while the message to buy the rental property would be persuasive and compelling like a sales letter.

Letter Introduction

Format the beginning of the letter first. Justify all text to the left in a block format. This standard business format is acceptable for any business letter. The upper margin should be 2 in.

Indicate the date of the letter on the first line, including the month, day and year.

Add your address to the next line, but this is optional. If you use letterhead with a date printed somewhere on the page, then do not add your address again.

Skip a line and add the name of the recipient, then the address on the next line. When adding the recipient's address, be sure to add the name at the top of the address with the appropriate title of Mr., Mrs., or Ms. Verify the spelling of the person's name.

Write a salutation to get the letter started. The salutation goes below the address, with one blank line in between. End this line with a colon. For example, your salutation might be: Dear Mrs. Jane Doe:, as the start to your business letter.

Letter Body

Write the body of the letter like a sales letter. Ask a question or otherwise introduce a list of the potential benefits of the offer. Be sure to detail benefits instead of features to connect with the recipient on an emotional level. The easiest way to understand the difference between features and benefits is to remember that a benefit is an improvement on recipient's life. It is critical to anticipate doubts and address them. This part of the letter is critical to persuade the tenant to buy.

Complete the letter. After the body of the letter, skip one line and end the letter with Sincerely, Yours Sincerely or Yours Faithfully, with a comma. Left justify this line like the rest of the letter. Then skip down four more lines and type your name and title, with the company name below your name. Sign your name in the blank space above your typed name. Choose a professional, standard business-sized envelope.

Proofread the letter. Spell check the letter as a preliminary measure, but do not rely on the spell checker to catch all errors. Have a trusted friend with proficient grammar read over your letter to ensure you missed nothing. Verify all name spellings.