How Can I Have QuickBooks on Two Computers?

Each individual who purchases Intuit QuickBooks is allowed to install the software on two computers for personal use. This feature is designed for people with one desktop and one portable computer but can be used on two laptops or two desktop PCs without purchasing a second license. The use of two separate computers allows users to input information at the office, for example, and then work on additional files at home. It is also useful for freelance bookkeepers or accountants because it allows for portability and an additional source of file backup.

Read the License Agreement

Open QuickBooks, click the "Help" menu button at the top of the screen and choose "QuickBooks Help."

Open the "Search" tab and type "License" in the search box. Press "Enter."

Click the "Software License Agreement" link and read the section titled "Installing a single-user license on a second computer."

Install the Software

Put the QuickBooks installation disk in your computer's CD drive and begin the setup process.

Enter the license number and product code in the appropriate fields.

Call the telephone number on the screen to verify your registration, if applicable. QuickBooks will allow you to install the software with the same numbers twice; if you have uninstalled and reinstalled the software on the original computer, you must call customer service, provide your user information and input a code to complete the registration process.


  • You can purchase additional licenses for a nominal fee (see Resources).